“Let me start and finish by saying that you run an awesome operation. Medical: Dr. Harper and staff are the most hospitable, consistent, and available medical care I have had. Having moved seven times in ten years to five states and deploying three times, medical care and oversight is inconsistent based on the constantly changing providers. However, since contacting you a year ago and beginning your treatment programs, Dr. Harper has made everything I listed as a problem all better. I plan to continue seeing Dr. Harper and your staff forever. Training:  Awesome. I have never achieved gains like this-ever. I have lost both weight and body fat, gotten stronger, and more conditioned faster than I ever have before. From sitting down with you on the first day and again in subsequent visits, I always learn a lot. The results came within 30 days and they continue. My wife noticed a drastic change in the first month and again in more recent visits. Even when I took a month to go back to standard bodybuilding-type workouts(during which I strained my shoulder), returning to your program only expedited results. Of all of the 100 things you were right about, I now understand that 2+ hours in the gym is unnecessary and your program is the most efficient. In the gym, I have worked with four trainers-Brandon, Matt, Rene, and Sarah. They were all great every time I worked with them. Since relocation to KC, Brandon is the trainer I stay in contact with. He sends me weekly training programs that are challenging and increasing in difficulty each week. He always responds within 24 hours. I look forward to returning to El Paso during the holidays so I can come in for a week and train. With any luck, the Army sends me back and I can resume the on-site frequency I had during the summer. Finally, your accommodations of my blood tests and timeline from a remote location have really been first-rate. I appreciate all the work you put in for that to accommodate me. I can definitely see myself being a member for life. I think you have a real winner of a business on your hands and hope you expand as quick as you would like. Thanks again for everything.”


"Alfrank, I want to give you, Dr. Harper, and the entire BioMetrix team a sincere thank you for a second chance in life. At 24 years old I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. My life was completely turned upside down. As a former athlete I struggled to accept my medical condition. At 36 years old, after years of uncontrolled sugar levels I was prescribed insulin. Five shots a day for 16 months. I was tired, out of shape , doing everything to feed the disease and then I made the decision to consult with your clinic. For the first time in my life I was treated like a patient who mattered! The BioMetrix team devised a plan for my health and educated me to understand my body and the science to help me live a long and healthy life. After a week my glucose levels were normal. After four weeks I lost 21lbs and kept losing body fat and started gaining Lean muscle. At 38 years old, I am physically in the best shape of my life. In six months I have lost 35 pounds, dropped 9 percent body fat and more importantly I am strictly diet controlled with my glucose levels! Under the BioMetrix plan I decreased my triglyceride levels from 548 to 80!! My a1c dropped from 10.3 to 6.5 ! My beta cells show no convincing evidence of cell damage after initially showing beta cell strain. What does all this mean? It means with your help I can enjoy my children, my life , and live a normal active lifestyle. I got a second chance because of BioMetrix! THANK YOU BIOMETRIX!!! The best health decision I have ever made."


"First of all I want to take the opportunity to thank the entire BioMetrix staff for the wonderful job you all do. When I went to the program to find out how they work, I was tired of my previous gym where I trained for two years and didn’t see any results or improvements. Mr. Alexander Catucci gave me a tour of the facility and explained the various programs and I instantly knew he was really interested in changing my life. Mr. Catucci is not about getting more clients for his business, but helping the community of El Paso to make better choices and live healthier through nutrition and exercise. I was very excited to start the program; Mr. Catucci made me realize that I could reach my goals if I was persistent. I met Dr. Harper after I got my lab results. I was impressed how he took his time to listen to me and explain to me what was expected from the program; the Doctor thoroughly explained program with all the details and answered all my questions. Melinda and Gabbie: these ladies always have a warm smile to all clients that come to BioMetrix. Melinda gives me massages once a week and this massage is wonderful! She is very professional and knowledgeable about what she is doing. Gabbie is the program medical assistant. She is very professional and always answers any questions I have about the products they sell at the BioMetrix. Trainers Rene, Matt, Brandon, Sarah, and Kim are the heart of the program. Sarah and Kim always receive people with a smile. They encourage and help people with all workout programs. Matt is a very positive trainer I called him “Griton” he always encourages people to continue and not to not give up. He cheers up the other clients that are working out in the gym. Rene is an awesome trainer. I was tired of attending other gyms where trainers would not take the time to correct my posture while completing different exercises. Rene takes the time to correct me to make sure I don’t hurt myself. He believes in me and pushes me to the limits! He gives me confidence in myself and personalizes my workout programs. He has changed my life! I know now that I can reach any goals I pursue because there are people at BioMetrix that believe in me and the great thing is that the BioMetrix staff knows people by their first name."


If a person is looking for a facility that will encourage them both physically and mentally, then they are looking in the right place! Thank you doesn't seem adequate enough for what the BioMetrix staff has done to help me. Every single trainer at BioMetrix has played an important role in my weight loss journey from day one. Thank you all for being knowledgeable and always knowing the answers to my questions about fitness and diet; and more importantly for encouraging me when I’m tired and ready to give up. I must say that I love how the trainers work as a team and take the time to correct & encourage each client, even if that person is not training with them at the time. BioMetrix is a facility that provides excellent individual training and is not a place to go and socialize. From the minute you start training the trainers are shadowing and reassuring you as you go. I have had the opportunity to train with all the trainers and each has something AMAZING to offer. I am truly grateful to Sarah, who from the beginning kept focused on my goals, checked in on my overall eating habits; and has developed each training plan based on my abilities to perform each exercise due to my previous injuries. She has switched up my workouts when she’s seen me lose interest, given me new challenges, has been very engaged and has kept me moving forward to meeting my goals. Her training sessions, are a combination of in-gym “tough love” and out-of-gym lifestyle guidance, which have all been essential to helping me stay fit and improve my overall health. In less than six months, with the help from Sarah & the other trainers, I have lost over 50 pounds, that’s something I felt would take a longer period of time to accomplish. While it has been a lot of work and discipline so far, it has been amazing! I have learned so much from each of the trainers and will forever be grateful for that. Not only are the trainers awesome, but so are the people that attend BioMetrix. You have my highest recommendation when it comes to offering my opinion on the impact BioMetrix has had on me.

Thank you for all of your guidance and for helping me become a better me!

Sal Robles 3/25/2015

This Saturday I will have 6 months at BioMetrix. I have lost 106 pounds.

The following are things that make BioMetrix special for me.


  • No trainer is on their cell phones while you are training.
  • All Trainers watch you as a team to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and even if they are not directly taking care of you they also will motivate you and push you as a real team, and check your form for exercises
  • Have learned that many exercises I have been doing wrong for years with a high chance of hurting myself, I am being educated continuously on how to do them correctly.
  • Everybody is educated and it is nice to see that everyone answers you the same not guessing
  • Workouts are always ready when you are and no guessing work.
  • All of BioMetrix employees are very professional, no other trainer or employee knows or shares any of your medical history or personal history- thus no gossiping where everyone knows everyone's business. The only thing shared amongst them is if you pass fitness or weight milestones where you can tell they are super happy and are ready to  motivate you and or help you even more.
  • Doctor Harper is always ready to help and of course Alfrank Catucci is always asking everyone if everything is okay etc. it's like having your personal physician and coach on call all the time.
  • The official nutritionist is always available and knows after asking you questions what you need or don't need, best part about BioMetrix is that since all trainers are educated, I have asked on purpose several trainers what they would recommend for a case on nutrition and they all tell me the same thing. That is cool.


In basic terms: BioMetrix knows their stuff, all one has to do is put the effort and commitment in fitness and nutrition to see dramatical results. I am living proof of that and proud of it too.


Hope you not only join us here at BioMetrix but commit yourself to do what they ask you to do to become an elite physical person one day at a time.

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