Weight and Nutritional Management

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very important part of the BioMetrix process. Through our Nutrition Education plan we focus of healthy weight loss. This means we will educate you about Glycemic index vs Glycemic load to achieve the maximum amount of weight loss in a healthy manor. This will allow you to lose weight and keep it off so you don’t rebound like most diets or other weight loss plans. We focus on the 4 major impediments to losing weight and they are as follows:

  1. Not enough Adiponectin
  2. Too much Ghrelin
  3. Insulin Resistance
  4. Cortisol Overload

Nutritional Education and Guidance

Our Certified Nutritionists will take a holistic approach in analyzing your internal and external health. We will determine a specific nutritional plan just for you. This is done through a detailed recall of your current dietary habits, lab results, hormone levels, Medical Director’s evaluation, and our course your health and wellness goals. Our nutritional plans are written in 14 day intervals so they can be evaluated and changed to meet your personal goals.

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